Africa is a vast and interesting marketplace in terms of online business. The online segment in Africa is yet to grow to its complete potential; and this is what makes it attractive from the strategic point of view of e-commerce. Businesses globally are going online at a rapid pace. Mobile phones, technology, and internet are all huge contributors towards this change; and corona has hastened this process even further.

At Africa Marketplace; we offer our customers/members; an business listing platform that is easy to enter; global online presence and promotion via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.; guidance and support to transition your business to online, connections with different businesses like your customers, suppliers,  logistics and delivery companies and more.

Our goal is to work together with already existing businesses which have a strong physical presence in Africa; and are in search of partners to collaborate and connect and to expand globally.

Let your customers find you online and increase your sales manifold, without even stepping out of your house/office.

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