With the first release of the Simon Personal Communicator by IBM in 1994, it’s now been about 30 years that smartphones have stepped into our homes and offices, and are nowadays found in our pockets more than any other place. Considering the average user has more than 126 ‘phone pick-ups’ an hour, it is indeed hard to imagine we could get more attached to anything else, so much so that studies now suggest people will first forget or lose any personal belongings before the same fatality happening to their handhelds.

So many facts about how our lives have drastically changed since the appearance of mobile phones, and yet, on the one hand, no one seems to think it could or should have been otherwise, and on the other hand, no one can imagine how life was even possible before them!

This goes a long way in showing how features such as speed and convenience are used as ingredients for the creation of omnipresence.

So what could have possible gone through the mind of scientist Frank Canova when designing the first version of our modern mobile phones?

Here are some of the possibilities:
-What if people didn’t need a landline to connect to one another?
-What if people could call one another while away from their homes or their cars?
-What if drivers didn’t need to walk long distances to a phone after a breakdown?
-What if making a quick calculation could be done on the go, with the same tool used to talk to someone else?
-What if phones were used as means of authentication?

The key here was in breaking a perception paradigm.

Hereunder are some of the questions we now ask ourselves at Africa-Marketplace.
Will you join us in thinking about a new Africa?

-What if 90% of primary trade partners of African businesses were other African businesses?
-What if any business could be known by anyone?
-What if businesses could eliminate 100% of their website and marketing costs?
-What if identifying the right trade partner in Africa took 1 minute or less?
-What if any business, large or small, could market its services online for free, nationally and internationally?

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